Monday, October 22, 2012

Dog vs. Dog: the ultimate residual

This morning I walked my son to his school. Our house is right across the school, 5 minutes walk. Autumn weather is not quite cold yet. Nice and crispy wind.

When I left his classroom and walked back to our house, I passed by the school's soceer field. The grass was very green with a bit mountain dews. Several parents stood there chatting. Two young dogs were let loose. Both were widely running on the grass. Mostly they ran their own, seemingly random routes. Sometimes they dashed across the middle of the field. Sometimes they jogged along the metal fence surrounding the field. I had not watched live animals running in such high, vivid spirit. So I stopped, leaned on the fence from the outside, to watch.

Now they dashed from two totally different directions and converged, almost looked like coliding into each other, right in front of me. Then the magic happened. The two simultaneously jumped in the mid air, about one foot off the ground, as if there were invisble reign pulling them backwards. They raised to the same height in the air, lining up their noses in the mid air at exactly the same horizontal level, briefly stared into each other for a split second. Rubbed their noses, barely. Then dropped, like silk, back to the ground, resuming their respective NFL wide-out like routes.

The image of that mid-air nose leveling lingers in the my mind: how come two dogs can make out like that? Assume this is not a godhand. What is going on? If this is a best-prediction moment, is it predictable at all? Where is the degree to which we need to learn to stop squeezing the residuals and pay homage to existence?

Analytics in Writing: Getting Started

After making living involving work of analytics for over a decade, I found myself not only practicing analytics in my professional work. I apply analytics in a lot of matter in my life, things I care, things I see, things I feel, things I encounter...

Also, getting better at analytics is like climbing mountains. The higher you get, the more lonely you get or feel. Hopefully through writing blog, I can share with the world what goes through, what lives through, what just courses through, in real time or otherwise.