Thursday, October 16, 2014

SAS In-Memory Statistics (IMSTAT) for Hadoop Overview

SAS® In-Memory Statistics for Hadoop ("SASIMSH")  is a single interactive programming environment for analytics on Hadoop that  integrates analytical data preparation, exploration, modeling and deployment. It contains PROC IMSTAT and  SAS LASR Analytic Engine (SASIOLA). SASIOLA essentially is 'BASE' for SASIMSH, whereas PROC IMSTAT covers the full analytical cycle from BASE, through modeling, towards deployment. This duality continues SAS's long standing tradition of 'getting the same job done in different ways', to accommodate users' different style, constraints  and preferences.
This post provides overview of IMSTAT, with a little associated coverage of the SASIOLA facilities. 

You certainly read through IMSTAT details here at Below is a summary picture many have liked better, to capture features and functions of PROC IMSTAT. It covers the latest as of Q1 of 2014, but the spirit and gist remain the same since.

Some comments about the 'total concept' first
1. If you are familiar with SAS products and solutions, you are used to seeing BASE (programming), STAT (statistical sciences), ETS (Econometrics), OR (operations research), EM (enterprise data mining including machine learning, text mining and statistics), EG (enterprise guide) and MM (model management). Another line of SAS in-memory products still largely follow this set of convention. For example, HP Statistics (high performance counterpart of STAT), HPDM (high performance counterpart of EM) and so on. You are used to seeing long list of procedures under each product or package. 

Now, conceptual 'shock' #1 is all these features listed in this IMSTAT picture are grouped under ONE procedure. Yes, IMSTAT is one procedure and one procedure only, with so many features

2. Why this change?

If you use any of the traditional SAS products mentioned above, you know to get the work on hand done, you likely engage a very small set of procedures, functions and statements afforded by a specific product that you have license for. For example, I myself have been using STAT since ~1991, but still ~ half of the procedures under STAT remain stranger to me. I don't recall having known anybody who uses all of the BASE capabilities either. On the contrary, I know friends who have held SAS jobs for many years. They are experienced, but have only known just half a dozen procedures.
The reality though is it is not cost possible for a software developer to build just a few procedures for one company and build another small set for another company.

One way SAS has to address this (price and value) gap is software on demand offerings, in-depth discussion of which is beyond the scope of this post. Another way is to redesign package in such a way that all the essential features and functions to get analytical jobs done are built in and integrated. The next immediate question is: which to pick and chose from which existing packages? Apparently, from elementary 'can do' perspective, it is hard to imagine many things that SAS cannot do with its existing offerings. In many cases, the challenge is how, not if. Still, a coherent organizing theme is needed to build the new piece. Good news is such piece has existed for many years.

The BLUE spoke in the center of the picture presents a diagram of modern analytical life cycle, from problem definition, data preparation and exploration, through modeling, to deployment and presentation. PROC IMSTAT features and functions are organized and developed by this framework. In other words, PROC IMSTAT has collected core functions and features from SAS software families, to optimize against needs and challenges confronting analytical users in Hadoop world. Many 'pre-existing' features have been distilled and streamlined while being moved to the in-memory platform. 

PROC IMSTAT is expanding rapidly to accommodate ever changing Hadoop world.

Some comments about PROC IMSTAT

1. Major pure feature and function addition actually are on the right side, the recommender engine. Everything else essentially has been in existence in SAS software family in some format or style.
2. All the entries listed under a box header label (such as Data Management to the top left corner) are IMSTAT statements. To access the statements, the user must invoke "PROC IMSTAT" first. Unlike many traditional SAS procedures where one has to invoke procedures many times, once PROC IMSTAT is invoked once, the user can invoke the same statement again and again, as the job deems necessary
3. User who are very familiar and deep on some SAS procedures may find that some features, reduced from a regular SAS procedure (for example, CORR statement stems from PROC CORR) to IMSTAT statement, no longer have that many options as their counterpart procedures have. This, in part, is because the procedure has been reduced to a statement. Another reason is more strategic design; the reduction or left-out is intentional: do you really think it makes sense to run all those distance options under the cluster statement on now much bigger data sets?
4. Some statements actually are mini-solution.  GroupBy statement, for example, is "in-memory cube builder " or a genuine OLAP killer, while it appears like a small statement

I plan to publish specific use case to help better understand how IMSTAT works. Thanks.

October 2014, from Wellesley, Massachusetts 


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